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Billie J. Guthrie, Attorney at Law

As a disability lawyer in Durham, Billie is a zealous advocate for her clients. She specializes in Social Security Disability and Guardianship, and she serves as a Professional Power of Attorney and Trustee. She works directly and personally with each client to understand their unique circumstances to develop the most effective legal strategy. Her goal is not only to seek justice on behalf of her clients, but to thoughtfully support them through challenging times in their lives.

Billie has always been driven to lead with empathy and a high regard for others. Even as a child, she had a strong sense of fairness and equity. This led her to a career in social work.  

Throughout Billie’s experiences as a social worker, she regularly observed the impact the legal system had on the well-being of her clients. Her desire to be a more effective advocate for change and justice inspired her to return to school to obtain her Juris Doctorate to become an attorney.  

As a heart-centered female attorney, she has spent over 20 years working with individuals experiencing challenging life situations and fighting for social justice. She has practiced law for over ten years, handling hundreds of favorable disability cases.

Billie’s background as a social worker shapes her legal practice and how she relates to her clients. She believes in compassion and empathy, transparency and communication, and listening and collaboration. She is accessible and client centered.  

Billie has been a consultant for the expansion of an international hunger relief agency. She assisted an organization of Muslim women lawyers fighting for human rights. She also interned with an immigration law firm working on asylum cases.

As an active member of our community, Billie volunteers her time to help others. She currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors for Threshold Clubhouse, a psychiatric rehabilitation program  in Durham, NC. She is also involved with the following community groups:

  • Durham Disability Work Group;
  • Wake County SOAR Work Group; and
  • Orange County SOAR Collaborative.

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Billie represents claimants at all levels of the Social Security Administration disability process.


Billie provides legal representation and guidance in adult competency and guardianship proceedings.


Billie can serve as the agent for individuals who may not have appropriate family members to act in these roles.

Billie's core VALUES


Billie's clients are experts in their own life experiences so it is imperative that she truly hear them. She regularly seeks input from her clients. She also collaborates with family members, medical providers, or mental health providers, when appropriate.


Billie works directly and personally with each client to understand their unique circumstances to develop the most effective legal strategy. Her goal is not only to seek justice on behalf of clients, but to thoughtfully support them through this challenging time in their life.


Billie sincerely cares about her clients and believes in the golden rule of treating others the way she wishes to be treated. She appreciates that people seeking legal counsel are likely experiencing distress and uncertainty. Likewise, she comprehends the impact that a favorable outcome can have on her client’s welfare and she strives diligently to achieve that on their behalf.


Billie communicates honestly with her clients, and values candid and considerate dialogue.


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