Guardianship for Adults in Cary, NC

Guardianship for adults in Cary, NC

Billie J. Guthrie is a guardianship lawyer in Cary, NC who provides guardianship for adults in Cary, NC and legal representation and guidance in adult incompetency and guardianship proceedings.

When an adult is no longer able to properly care for themselves or manage their own affairs because of a mental or cognitive disability, it may become necessary for a legal guardian to be appointed. Similarly, an individual whose capacity to act in their own best interest is being challenged may rightfully object to the appointment of a legal guardian. There are also situations in which an individual who has had a legal guardian appointed in the past wishes to restore their rights and have the legal guardian removed.

Billie provides legal representation and guidance in adult incompetency and guardianship proceedings to all individuals described in the above scenarios. 

Billie also serves as a court appointed Guardian ad Litem in incompetency and guardianship proceedings through the Public Defender’s Office in Durham, Orange, and Chatham Counties. As a Guardian ad Litem, Billie presents the wishes of the individual whose capacity is being challenged and makes recommendations to the Clerk of Superior Court about their best interest.

What is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legal relationship in which a person or agency is appointed by the court to make decisions and act on behalf of another individual who has been deemed incompetent. 

A guardian is appointed for an adult only if the court finds by clear, cogent, and convincing evidence that a person lacks sufficient capacity to manage his or her own affairs or to make or communicate important decisions about their person, family, or property. 

Incompetency and guardianship proceedings in North Carolina are handled by the Clerk of Superior Court.

Billie’s extensive relational experience allows her to effectively navigate the complex dynamics that are often involved in incompetency and guardianship proceedings.

If you feel that you need guardianship for adults in Cary, NC or have questions about guardianship, Billie would be happy to speak with you. 

She offers free 15-minute consultations and if retained, charges a fair hourly rate as a Guardianship Lawyer.

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About The Firm

Billie J. Guthrie is an attorney in Durham, NC. She works directly and personally with each client to understand their unique circumstances to develop the most effective legal strategy. Her goal is not only to seek justice on behalf of her clients, but to thoughtfully support them through this challenging time in their life. She believes in compassion and empathy, transparency and communication, and listening and collaboration. She is accessible and client centered. Billie specializes in Social Security Disability and Guardianship, and she serves as a Professional Power of Attorney and Trustee

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