Social Security Disability Lawyer in Durham, NC

Social Security Disability Lawyer in Durham, NC

Billie J. Guthrie is a Social Security disability lawyer in Durham, NC representing claimants at all levels of the Social Security Administration disability process. No fee unless disability benefits are awarded. Billie’s extensive experience in this area of law, her compassion for others, and her sensitivity to the challenges of living with a disability make her a particularly competent and skillful Social Security disability advocate.

If you are an adult who is unable to work due to medical, mental, or cognitive conditions then you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. Similarly, a low-income family with a disabled child may also be eligible for benefits.

Billie represents claimants at all levels of the Social Security Administration disability process.

She has been practicing disability law since 2013 and has guided hundreds of clients through the complex and often frustrating process of receiving the Social Security disability benefits that they need and deserve. She accepts cases based on her belief that the law supports a claim for disability benefits, and her own understanding that an individual is not able to work consistently on a full-time basis. She meets directly with all potential clients, later for hearing preparation, and at other times as needed. 


Attorney fees in Social Security disability cases are paid on a contingency basis, which means Billie only gets paid if she is successful in helping you obtain your benefits. Attorney fees in Social Security Disability cases are regulated by the federal government and must be approved by SSA. The amount of the fee is currently 25% of the claimant’s back pay not to exceed a total fee of $6000. In November 2022, the maximum fee will increase to $7200, pursuant to a change in federal regulations.

About The Firm

Billie J. Guthrie is an attorney in Durham, NC. She works directly and personally with each client to understand their unique circumstances to develop the most effective legal strategy. Her goal is not only to seek justice on behalf of her clients, but to thoughtfully support them through this challenging time in their life. She believes in compassion and empathy, transparency and communication, and listening and collaboration. She is accessible and client centered. Billie specializes in Social Security Disability and Guardianship, and she serves as a Professional Power of Attorney and Trustee. To connect with Billie online, join her on LinkedIn.


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